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Movement director

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Wendy is and has been a highly physical and committed performer since the moment she found balance. An accomplished harness specialist whose focus is channeled towards physical, visceral performance.

She is an improviser, a creative, with experience that spans physical theatre, aerial stunts, contemporary dance, percussion, and all kinds of weird and wonderful morphs of skills invented and perfected along her way.

She is particularly interested in the subtleties of theatricality within dance performance, and the fusion of dance with harness skills and how aerial work can enhance dance themes/narratives. She is a self-confessed perfectionist, never tiring to refine aerial techniques both in performance and in training the body to deal with its complexities.

Working with companies such as De La Guarda, Motionhouse, Dream Engine and Scarabeus has influenced her personal journey to transition her to where she is today.

As Artistic Director of Wired her focus shifts constantly between performing and directing, designing and delivering physical tuition, writing and researching. Her feet itch and so she moves forwards, thinking that in doing so it may inspire people to follow.

Wendy says, “just thinking of how aerial work has affected my life brings me to tears even now – if there is a reason for ‘being’, this is mine”.

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