About us

About Us

GoComGo is an online ticket office selling tickets for cultural events all over the world.
GoСomGo.com is an online box office offering online tickets for opera performances, ballets, classical concerts, musicals and other cultural events in the world's leading opera houses.
Many of our clients are tourists who want to enjoy classical music and music lovers from all over the world who take advantage of the opportunity to book tickets online to the world's leading theatres.

In addition, GoComGo specializes in curating a cultural program for travellers in the cities of the world of their choice. We partner with the world's best entertainment such as exhibitions, museums, sightseeings and  the best Michelin-starred restaurants.
Our consultants use their personal connections and personal experiences to create personalized experiences for clients, including unique experiences, special values, free benefits, VIP treatment and rare access.


Your Answer To Travel

To craft an ideal getaway, you need to research several sites, price-shop, and, most importantly, read all the fine legal print in hopes of getting it all right.
Well, GoComGo handles all those tasks for you.
You’ll embark on a perfectly planned, safe experience at a price you can afford.


Enjoy a personalized experience.

-You don't just want to visit a city. You want to explore it.
-You don't just want to sample the local cuisine. You want to experience it.
-You don't just want to stand in the tourist trap and smile for the camera. You want to immerse yourself in the culture.

Your GoComGo agent doesn't just give you bragging rights over your friends and family. Your GoComGo agent delivers memories to last a lifetime.


Tailored For You

GoComGo agents take the time to learn about your likes and dislikes to build the perfect trip.
Whether you’re wanting to attend the theatre, a musical, a festival, a museum, or go on a 5-star restaurant, GoComGo is a personalized, human booking experience that you just can’t replicate anywhere else online.