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Weiwuying Concert Hall (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

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Weiwuying Concert Hall

Weiwuying Concert Hall

The Concert Hall features a unique vineyard style. The unique design allows audience at various heights to enjoy the same optimal acoustic and visual effects, taking care of each and every member in the audience. The seating arrangement encircles the stage, bringing the audience closer to the stage for more intimate experiences with conductors and performers.

Located next to the Weiwuying Metropolitan Park in Fengshan District, the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) sits on a 9.9 hectare lot and occupies a floor area of 3.3 hectares.Inspired by the beauty of the local banyan trees and their iconic canopies of leaves, architect Francine Houben's design is an undulating structure composed of a unique skin that can withstand the humidity and salinity in Kaohsiung – a port city – thanks to a collaborative effort with the city's shipbuilders, and a roof under which generous free spaces can flow. In consideration of southern Taiwan's tropical climate and people's love for outdoor night activities, the Center has a fence-free plaza on the grounds that is accessible 24 hours a day for strolling, relaxing and much more, creating a breezy and welcoming space in which theater and music become part of everyday life. The Center opened on October 13th 2018 and is now operating all-year round , developing and bringing local as well as international talents to southern Taiwan.

The main stage consists of 5 rows of a total of 15 orchestra lifts. Hung above the stage are acoustic shells that can be lowered or raised, which come with three pre-set positions at 9m, 14m and 17.8m, to go along with various requirements of musical performances and sizes of bands. The height and angle of the acoustic shells can also be freely adjusted to meet any needs, ensuring that audience can enjoy sounds of the best quality.

The pipe organ at the Concert Hall is manufactured by Johannes Klais Orgelbau. The product of the century-old German manufacturer consists of 9,085 pipes, making it the largest pipe organ in Taiwan. The exterior design is consistent with the style of the interior, and the asymmetrical arrangement of the symphonic organ and echo organ creates unprecedented sensational impact to the audience.

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