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Veszprém Aréna - History Garden (Veszprém, Hungary)

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Veszprém Aréna - History Garden

Veszprém Aréna - History Garden

About 1 kilometre from the centre of Veszprém, in a picturesque setting at the eastern foot of the castle hill lies one of the most beautiful and exciting places to explore: the Historia Garden.

The north side of the garden is bordered by the restored, time-mellowed building of the former Rest, its west by the contours of the castle, like a parapet, while its south is bordered by the city centre and Óváros Square with its Baroque buildings. This almost 4,000-m2 park is the starting point of the Monasteries and Gardens path along the Séd Stream. The area is also home to the Hotel Historia Malomkert and Beerhouse, as well as the former Bishop’s Rest, which now hosts a number of events and is the main venue for the VeszprémFest premium music festival.

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