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After having followed a classical guitar course at CRR Chalon sur Saone, Étienne Galletier won the first prize of the CRR of Paris unanimously with the congratulations of the jury. He then chose to improve with P. Marquez at the CRR Strasbourg. After a year at the Barcelona Conservatory with Croatian soloist Z. Dukik, he graduated with a degree in specialization. He has also held since 2002 the State Diploma of Guitar Teacher. He joined CNSMD Lyon in 2005 and obtained a Master of Ancient Music with honors in theorb in 2011.

Combining renaissance, baroque and contemporary repertoires, Étienne Galletier now practices classical and baroque guitar, the theorbo and the vihuela: we find it with the baroque ensembles Philomèle, the Ephémère, La Chiome d'Oro, the Ensemble Marguerite Louise, Europa Barroca, Unisoni, Energueia, The Surprises and the vocal quartet Epsilon. In 2009, he plays under the direction of P. Agnew with the FOJ. He regularly performs with Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu and the ensemble Les Boréades, in which he develops the principles of expression of basso continuo. After having participated in the 2008 edition of the Ambronay Festival, he recorded the Belle Virginie album under the direction of F. E Comte, under the Ambronay label.

In 2011, he plays Handel's Julius Caesar with La Grande Ecurie and J. C. Malgloire's La Chambre du Roy, Monteverdi's Orfeo with Les Nouveaux Caractères and records Campra's Carnaval de Venise with The Spiritual Concert of H. Niquet for the Glossa label. In 2012, he collaborated with The Georgian Sinfonietta for several projects in Tbilisi. In addition, he recorded Marcello's Psalms with the vocal ensemble VOCES8 and P. Ayrton for the Signum label.

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