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Shenzhen Poly Theater (Shenzhen, China)

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Shenzhen Poly Theater

Shenzhen Poly theater is located in the business center of Nanshan District. As a high level theater, it has more than 1500 seats and hosts musicals, dances, operas and orchestral performances.

Shenzhen Poly Theater is located in the commercial and cultural center of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong and connected to the prosperous area of ​​Shenzhen's western corridor. It has a strategic location. The theater has a unique architectural shape, such as a "water drop" shape, and is a unique cultural and leisure place in the province and Hong Kong. As a modern comprehensive first-class theater, the theater is a high starting point and high-level cultural complex that can meet the needs of dance dramas, operas, dramas, and symphonies. It meets the requirements for performances such as concerts, operas and variety shows, and its acoustic effect reaches the top domestic level of architectural acoustics and functional configuration of stage equipment. Shenzhen Poly Theater has a construction area of ​​15,000 square meters and 1,551 auditorium seats (including lifting orchestra seats). The entire front hall and rest area of ​​the theater are mainly made of glass curtain walls, which are open and transparent, with a wide field of vision. Combined with the decoration of artworks, it forms an elegant and modern art space.

Since its establishment in 2008 , Shenzhen Poly Theater has been producing great dramas. After successfully hosting the China Philharmonic Orchestra's " 2008 Chinese New Year Concert" performances on December 12 and 31, 2007, it has also hosted the China Philharmonic Orchestra, Beijing People's Art Theater, China National Theater, National Ballet of China, and China Symphony Orchestra . , China Oriental Performing Arts Group, Russian Ballet Theatre, British TNT Theater, Berlin Symphony Orchestra in Germany, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra , Vienna Symphony Orchestra and other well-known domestic and foreign performing groups, including the original British musicals "Cats", " The Love of Ghosts " and " "The Bodyguard " , the Broadway musical "Legally Blonde", "Nuns Are Crazy", "José Carreras in Concert", the song and dance collection "Image of Yunnan", "Hidden Mystery", " House of Flying Daggers ", " Peacock " , Dramas "The First Floor in the World", " Teahouse ", " Li Bai " , "Four Generations Under One Roof", " The Stage " , Russian classic ballet "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Nutcracker", Lai Shengchuan's drama "Treasure Island Village" ,Classic performances such as original musicals "The Wandering Story of San Mao" and " Gang Piano " .

As of 2017 , Shenzhen Poly Theater has launched "Open the Door to Art", "Drama and Dance Performance Season", "Autumn and Winter Performance Season", "Citizen Concerts", "Famous Troupes " ( Shenzhen) Drama Performance Season", "Art Pengcheng Stage Art Festival" and other series, with rich and colorful art types and forms, provide Shenzhen audiences with a splendid artistic feast. The theater's performance service reception work has also been supported by domestic talents including the world's top soprano Angela Georgiou, tenor Jose Carreras , dancer Yang Liping, conductor Yu Long, pianist Fu Cong, director Lai Shengchuan, etc. recognition and praise from famous foreign artists.

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