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Palazzina Liberty (Milan, Italy)

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Palazzina Liberty

Palazzina Liberty

The Palazzina Liberty in Milan is an Art Nouveau building located inside the Vittorio Formentano Park (formerly the Largo Marinai d'Italia Park).

Designed in 1908 by the architect Alberto Migliorini, it was originally part of the Verziere, the ancient fruit and vegetable market that existed from 1911 to 1965. It is the only structure still left of the ancient complex. It is characterized by large windows, a classic art nouveau facade and internal decorative motifs of ceramic tiles.

Originally it was the seat of a café-restaurant inside the Verziere, and represented a meeting point for the various negotiations between the merchants.

After the transfer of the market to another area of ​​Milan, the Palazzina Liberty has been in a state of neglect for several years. During the seventies (1974-1980) the building was granted use by Dario Fo's "Theatrical Collective la Comune", who adopted it as a theatrical venue for its shows.

In 1980 the building became the seat of the Civic Band of Milan. In 1992 the renovations were completed and the Liberty Building was used for recreational and cultural initiatives. Since 1994 the Milano Classica Chamber Orchestra has held its concert season there; it was the seat of the "Senza Parole" Festival, a review of silent films accompanied by live soundtracks. From 2005 to 2015 it was also home to the Casa della Poesia.

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