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The orchestra Berliner Musikfreunde was founded in 1866 as the Berliner dilettante Orchester Verein and is Berlin's oldest amateur orchestra.

In 1906, the New orchestra Association joined the orchestra. The joint orchestra was named Orchesterverein Berliner Musikfreunde. In 1919, the orchestra merged with the Berliner Orchestervereinigung 1874/1882 to form the Berliner Musikfreunde Orchestra Association. Until 1943, the game operation could be maintained. After the war, the orchestra with its current name was able to resume its concert activity from 1950. At that time, the great treasure was the fact that the extensive collection of music had survived the war undamaged and numerous orchestras – including the Berliner Philharmoniker – borrowed notes. In 1966, the Pro-Musica plaque was awarded to the orchestra by federal president Heinrich Lübke.

Among the soloists who played with the orchestra are Joseph Joachim, Mischa Elman, Rio Gebhardt, Daniel Gaede, Renaud Capuçon, Claudia Barainsky, Bogna Bartosz and Ji-Yeoun You. Sergiu Celibidache, who took over the direction of the Berliner Musikfreunde orchestra for some time as a Student (1941-1943), dedicated the composition "daily rehearsals for lay orchestras" to him.

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