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Opera Bonn (Bonn, Germany)

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Opera Bonn

Opera Bonn

Opera Bonn (Oper Bonn) is the premier destination for the opera in a city famous for its historical contribution to classical music. The venue is part of the wider complex Theater Bonn and has an in-house operatic ensemble. View world-class performances of famous opera productions here, as well as intimate shows and little-known composers. See the Italian greats or treat the family to a fun-filled classical music experience. Admire the futuristic architecture of the mid-century venue and learn about its cutting-edge designers, Klaus Gessler and Wilfried Beck-Erlang.

Notice the distinctive design of Opera Bonn as you stroll along the downtown banks of the Rhine River. Sitting on the banks of the Rhine, the building’s exterior is covered in a fish-scale façade. The building was completed in 1965 to replace the war-damaged Baroque palace of Boeselager Hof. Stroll across the venue’s courtyard and walk through its entryway. Mingle with other patrons or have a pre-theater drink before heading into the auditorium.

This spacious venue can accommodate 1,024 patrons. Find your seat and look up at the magnificent lighting structure above. This unique lighting is designed in the form of the Milky Way and was created by the Otto Piene, who also designed the chandelier in the foyer. You might see a special performance by the venue’s operatic ensemble or the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn. After the show, make your way into Bonn’s historic downtown for a meal or drink at one of the local bars.

There is a program of guided tours that highlight the stage technology and behind-the-scenes operations that ensure every show goes smoothly. Inquire ahead of time to see if English-language tours are available during your visit to the opera.

Opera Bonn is located east of the city’s historic downtown on the banks of the Rhine River. Bus and railway stations are located within a few minutes’ walk and parking is available in nearby downtown parking lots. Book your tickets online or at the Theater Bonn box office.

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