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Nieuwe Luxor Theater (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

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Nieuwe Luxor Theater

Nieuwe Luxor Theater

Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam is one of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands with two unique auditoriums: the new Luxor Theatre (over 1.500 seats) on the 'Kop van Zuid' and the old Luxor Theatre (over 900 seats) on the Kruiskade in the city centre. Both offer accessible shows in the musical, cabaret, dance, opera, concerts, drama and youth genre. Our typical Rotterdam organisation (direct, open and informal) consists of approximately 50 regular, 50 on call employees and 70 volunteers.

The municipality of Rotterdam organized a design competition for the construction of the new Luxor Theater. In April of 1996, architect Peter Wilson was declared the winner. The architect, originally from Australia, described his design as 'slim, beautiful and elegant'. The combination of sober and warm appealed to the jury very much.

In September 1998 the first pile went into the ground, the starting signal for the construction process. The highest point was reached in September 2000. The very first performance, a concert by Mathilde Santing, took place on 25 February 2001.

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix attended the official opening on Saturday 28 April. With this, Rotterdam was richer in a large entertainment theater. The new theater often features longer series of performances of large-scale productions in the musical, cabaret, theater concerts, youth and family, opera and dance genres.

In addition to striking architecture, the building also has special lettering in and on the building. A font has been specially designed for Luxor Theater as part of the corporate identity. This font fits in any room where you want to leave a message (One Fits All). The letter font is called LUXOR.

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