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New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center - Grand Theater (Shanghai, China)

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New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center - Grand Theater

New Bund 31 Performing Arts Center - Grand Theater

NEW BUND 31 is a 215,000 ㎡ mixed-use development project, which consists of a state-of-the-art performing arts center, a lively and fun retail space, a Class-A 36-storey office tower, and a boutique hotel with 202 rooms.

NEW BUND 31 flourishes in parallel with the city’s rise as a premier global city through its active contributions towards Pudong New Area’s performing arts scene and the creation of a “Shanghai-based Cultural Brand.”

The New Bund Area is situated in an excellent geographical location – a premium intersection between the Central Activity Zone and the Golden Middle Ring. With the crucial development of core functions focusing on business headquarters, culture, media, sport and leisure, the New Bund Area strives to showcase itself as being at the forefront of the international urban Central Activity Zone; a model world-class waterfront district and a landmark of the Huangpu river core section.

Bank of Communications NEW BUND 31 Performing Arts Center (BOCOM NEW BUND 31 Performing Arts Center), designed by Theater Projects (UK), boasts of a 2,500-seat premium Grand Theater and a 1,500 ㎡ Black Box Arts Space, satisfying diverse needs for performances, exhibitions, commercial events, and other venue services. Our programming breaks boundaries. It integrates and synergizes artistic outputs within the music, dance, drama, fashion, visual arts, new media and creative technology spheres. We promote Chinese and international youth culture, encourage positivity and self-expression, and we establish an innovative and forward-looking platform for more artistic works to be seen. For the artists, we aim to be the stage that amplifies their creative voices. For the audience, we strive to be the bridge that connects the world’s greatest arts and performances. For the clients, we aspire to provide professional and humanistic venue services and to be the space where imagination and ambition become realized. Redefining art and entertainment, BOCOM NEW BUND 31 Performing Arts Center brings inspiring, chic and fun experiences for all to enjoy. Striking an unmatchable balance between content exclusivity and accessibility, we invite everyone to immerse in this most forward-looking cultural experiences.

Grand Theater
2500-seat world-class theater, professional acoustic design, with international-level sound and lighting systems, the main stage is equipped with high-end LED backdrop screen, to create an immersive audio-visual theater experience.
Seats in the front area of orchestra level can be removed to adapt to either stair mode or flat mode, satisfying various set-up for performances and events in the theater.

Performance and Event Types
The Grand Theater is suitable for performances including live pop and jazz concert, musical, cinema concert, symphonic concert, ballet, dance and drama production.  It can also meet the needs of industry conference, ceremonial event and annual gala.


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