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Moulin Rouge’s Féerie show - Show Evening

Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
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Important Info
Type: Show
City: Paris, France
Starts at: 21:00
Composer: Pierre Porte
Choreographer: Bill Goodson
Lyricist: Charles Level
Lighting Designer: Christian Bréan
Costume designer: Corrado Collabucci
Director: Doris Haug
Set Designer: Gaetano Castelli
Director: Ruggero Angeletti

Lights, music, Féerie! Every evening a whirlwind of feathers, sequins and rhinestones blows through the Moulin Rouge, the emblematic Parisian cabaret, as the great revue show “Féerie” takes the stage in four spectacular acts. From the sleepy gardens of the Moulin, to the decks of a pirate ship in Indonesia, to encounters with a travelling circus, before returning with the troupe to a touch of Parisian nostalgia from 1900 to today…The Moulin Rouge takes us on a journey through an enchanting universe during a lovely evening with family, friends or a romantic tête-à-tête.

The Moulin Rouge welcomes the most talented artists from all over the world to its legendary stage. Exceptional performances by first-class artists: sometimes funny, sometimes moving but always extraordinarily amazing!

Discover a variety of acts during the sensational “Féerie” revue show: from breath-taking feats combining strength and thrills to virtuoso displays of speed and precision that have audiences watching with bated breath.

The Moulin Rouge offers an exuberance of creations, surprises and talents, all in the spirit of the times.

It took the Production team two full years to create the “Féerie” revue show with its four main scenes, presented for the first time at the dawn of the 2000s. Conducted in the greatest French Music-Hall tradition, the “Féerie” revue show with its extraordinarily gifted artists represents the beauty, glamour and Parisian party spirit and brings to life moments of exception and wonderment. With the timeless air of Parisian nights, this show immerses the audience in a magical and spectacular universe thanks to the dance, the incredible performances of the artists, sumptuous sets and costumes shimmering with feathers, sequins and rhinestones.

Every evening on the legendary stage of the famous Parisian cabaret, the Moulin Rouge troupe, comprising 60 artists and dancers, thrills and enchants audiences all over the world. Trained in classical dance, the Moulin Rouge ballet performs on stage, demonstrating discipline in upbeat choreographies. The dancers display audacity in their femininity and freedom.

1st Scene - The Moulin Rouge in the past and present, the Moulin Rouge forever.

The lights dim, the curtain goes up... The entire troupe comes on stage to the delight of the enthralled audience. Finding itself in the "Gardens" of the Moulin Rouge, the audience discovers the magical ambiance of this fabulous venue. From the very first moment, the audience is captivated by the beauty of the costumes and sets.

2nd Scene - The Pirates

What can possibly happen to a pirate on a boat anchored in Indonesia? A Dream? Love? Once onshore, we find priestesses, a Gorgon in her temple swarming with snakes, bejewelled women and tigresses. Will Sandokan offer his treasures to the woman of his dreams? Or will we witness the sacrifice of love in the pit of pythons?

3rd Scene - At the Circus

The circus comes to town... with its troupe of clowns, mimes, acrobats, jugglers and Siamese twins! Colourful scenes and flamboyant music culminate in a grand parade of the Moulin Rouge dancers.

4rth Scene - At the Circus

The Moulin Rouge pays tribute to the women of Paris throughout history : on the 14th of July, at the Liberation of Paris... Featuring Java and Boogie tunes. Time passes, leading to a new generation of women, more beautiful and liberated than ever!
As the climax of this tribute: the world’s most famous Cancan, danced today by our magnificent Doriss Girls.

SHOW WITH DRINKS tickets includes optional: ½ bottle of champagne or wine per person, or other drinks with or without alcohol

VIP SHOW EVENING tickets includes optional: ½ bottle of superior champagne or wine per person, or other drinks with or without alcohol and SURPRISES ...

Enjoy priority premium seating on a private balcony with a splendid view over the room and the stage as you discover the enchanting universe of the Moulin Rouge.

The curtain rises to unveil the effervescence of the grand “Féerie” Revue show as you enjoy a half-bottle of champagne per person, along with succulent macarons for those with a sweet tooth.

You will be dazzled by the sequins, rhinestones and flamboyant feathers of the spectacular “Féerie” show, with its stunning dancers, resplendent costumes and the breath-taking French Cancan! The Moulin Rouge cabaret promises you a festive evening of thrills and laughter.

To prolong the magic, you will take home a gift to remind you of the Moulin Rouge.

Venue Info

Moulin Rouge - Paris
Location   82 Boulevard de Clichy

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris, France. The original house, which burned down in 1915, was co-founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia. Close to Montmartre in the Paris district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement, it is marked by the red windmill on its roof. The closest métro station is Blanche. Moulin Rouge is best known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance.

The Belle Époque was a period of peace and optimism marked by industrial progress, and a particularly rich cultural exuberance was about at the opening of the Moulin Rouge. The Expositions Universelles of 1889 and 1900 are symbols of this period.

The Eiffel Tower was also constructed in 1889, epitomising the spirit of progress along with the culturally transgressive cabaret. Japonism, an artistic movement inspired by the Orient, with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as its most brilliant disciple, was also at its height. Montmartre, which, at the heart of an increasingly vast and impersonal Paris, retained a bohemian village atmosphere; festivities and artists mixed, with pleasure and beauty as their values.

On 6 October 1889, the Moulin Rouge opened in the Jardin de Paris, at the foot of the Montmartre hill. Its creator Joseph Oller and his Manager Charles Zidler were formidable businessmen who understood the public's tastes. The aim was to allow the very rich to come and 'slum it' in a fashionable district, Montmartre. The extravagant setting – the garden was adorned with a gigantic elephant – allowed people from all walks of life to mix. Workers, residents of the Place Blanche, artists, the middle classes, businessmen, elegant women, and foreigners passing through Paris rubbed shoulders. Nicknamed "The First Palace of Women" by Oller and Zidler, the cabaret quickly became a great success.

The ingredients for its success:

  • A revolutionary architecture for the auditorium that allowed rapid changes of décor and where everyone could mix;
  • Festive champagne evenings where people danced and were entertained thanks to amusing acts that changed regularly, such as the Pétomane;
  • A new dance inspired by the quadrille which becomes more and more popular: The Can-can, danced to a furious rhythm by dancers in titillating costumes;
  • Famous dancers whom history still remembers: la Goulue, Jane Avril, la Môme Fromage, Grille d'Egout, Nini Pattes en l'Air, Yvette Guilbert, Valentin le désossé, and the clown Cha-U-Kao;
  • A place loved by artists, including Toulouse-Lautrec whose posters and paintings secured rapid and international fame for the Moulin Rouge.
Important Info
Type: Show
City: Paris, France
Starts at: 21:00
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