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Liyuan Theatre (Beijing, China)

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Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre has performed traditional Peking Opera since 1990 and it's one of the leading Opera venues located in former Xuanwu District; the birthplace of Beijing Opera.

Within the long history of Peking opera, the performance at the Liyuan Theatre is the most classic introduction to the performing art. The repertoire is an interesting combination of delightful humour and old Beijing culture. All performed with ambitious intricacy and style. Here you will find a popular introduction to Chinese Opera.

Liyuan Theatre lies in the heart of Beijing's former Xuanwu District located south from Tiananmen Square. Vibrance of the area has it's roots from the old imperial city; famous for being the birthplace of Peking Opera.

The facilities of the theatre are inside the historical Qianmen Jianguo Hotel which was built after the foundation of The People's Republic of China in 1956 and later renovated in 2002. The theatre has hosted classic Peking Opera performances since 1999 with it's grand opera hall that can fit up to a thousand visitors. The hall has brought up the atmosphere through design and decorations similar to old Beijing opera theaters. These decorations include walls aligned with chinese couplets and calligraphy, opera masks and Chinese folding screens (pingfeng).

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