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Leonhard Spies works as a guitarist, theater musician and performer in Cologne. He studied classical guitar at the HfMT Cologne with Prof. Aussel, and graduated in 2016 with Master of Music. He is guitarist of the klezmer quintet Tovte. Together with the violinist Anna Neubert he forms the duo FIDES.

Born in 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, he grew up in Pforzheim, where he gained his first stage experience in 2009 at the Theater Pforzheim as a theater musician and musical director. Since then, he has been interested in stage work at the interface between drama and music. He has been a member of the theater ensemble Port in Air since 2016. Since 2017 he has worked for the Kölner Künstler Theater as a musician, composer and actor, and from 2019 for the Marabu Theater Bonn.

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