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Laurenskerk Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

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Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk is a Protestant church in Rotterdam. It is the only remnant of the medieval city of Rotterdam.

The Grote Laurenskerk, or Sint Laurenskerk, colloquially known as simply the Laurenskerk or Laurens, has traditionally served as Rotterdam’s “main church”. Built between 1449 and 1525, the church is the only remaining late Gothic building in Rotterdam, which was originally medieval.
For many, the Laurenskerk is a symbol of Rotterdam’s history. For example, in the Middle Ages, citizenship of Rotterdam could be purchased by contributing 3000 stones to the construction of the church tower. Images of the badly-damaged building during World War II and its reconstruction afterward grew to represent the good fortune of the city and its residents.

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