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John Romero has traveled across the United States and overseas pursuing the mastery of the trombone and furthering his artistic development. He hopes to develop a musical career of orchestral, chamber, jazz, and solo playing, as well as teaching.

A local of Longview, Texas, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, having studied under Brent Phillips, former principal of the U.S. Presidents Own Marine Band and the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, from Baylor University. In addition, he will be pursuing the Master of Music degree in the Fall of 2014 at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University, studying under Allen Barnhill, principal trombonist of the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

Romero has been an active and successful solo competitor in recent years in both solo competitions and orchestral/festival auditions. In 2012, he won the Larry Wiehe competition at the annual International Trombone Festival in Paris, France. Later that year, he won the Temple Symphony Orchestra principal trombone position, holding it until 2014. In 2013, Romero won the Big XII Tenor Trombone Solo Competition, the Eastern Trombone Workshop Division II Solo Competition, and the Robert Marsteller competition, the most popular competition hosted by International Trombone Association. In addition, he attended the 2013 Alessi Seminar , hosted by  Joseph Alessi, principal trombonist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, as a Participant where he competed against doctoral students and professionals and received Honorable Mention in the seminar’s solo competition. 

In 2014, Romero won the Baylor Concerto Competition on the Bourgeois Concerto for Trombone, and he will be playing this concerto with the Baylor Symphony Orchestra next season. As a (now former) member of the Bearbones Quartet, he traveled back to ETW to play with them at the Nation Quartet Competition winner’s recital in Virginia, where they played two of Romero’s arrangements. He subsequently soloed with the  Blast of Brass ensemble on J.B. Arban's "Theme  and Variations on 'The Carnival of Venice'." This summer, he will be traveling to New York to compete in the ITF Alto Trombone competition as a finalist. Romero also performed as principal trombone with the Temple Symphony Orchestra from 2012-2013, and has been taking orchestral auditions since that time.

In addition to these performance opportunities, Romero has remained active as a private lessons teacher. He maintained a position at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan during the summer of 2014 as a Junior Camp Counselor where he mentored and taught junior high aged students, as well as received tutoring himself from the faculty of the Blue Lake Camp. During his studies at the Shepherd School, he will freelance and teach in the Houston metroplex area.

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