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Jaques Morelenbaum, cellist, arranger and musical director, is a central figure in Brazilian music. He was the artistic partner of Caetano Veloso for fourteen years in a formidable period which saw the recording of CDs as diverse as Circulado, Fina Estampa, Livro and A Foreign Sound. He won a Grammy award with Tom Jobim and toured the world with Egberto Gismonti.

His works are innumerable, and range from collaborations with Brazilian artists Marisa Monte, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil and Carlinhos Brown, to those with famous musicians from the international scene such as Sting -for whom he played the cello in the DVD All This Time-, Cesaria Evora, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Henri Salvador, David Byrne, Omar Sosa and Bill Frisell.

He has also written music for films (Central Station, which received the Sharp Award for Best Soundtrack, and Tieta of Agreste) and directed four major symphony orchestras in Brazil. A fervent admirer of Astor Piazzolla, he also released the album Piazzollando.

Morelenbaum is currently touring the world with his Cello Sam3a Trio and the show "Saudade do Futuro Futuro da Saudade", with an exquisite ensemble of samba jazz fusion and the intimate sounds of chamber music. This extraordinary show also brings together two great talents of Brazilian popular music: guitarist Lula Galvão and drummer Rafael Barata.

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