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Festspielhaus Erl (Erl, Austria)

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Festspielhaus Erl

Festspielhaus Erl

The hall of the Festspielhaus is an instrument in itself. Free-standing walls made from Canadian acacia wood enable the building to resonate. On the steep ascending stands which offer an excellent view from every seat and based on a Greek theatre lay-out, there is space for an audience of 732. The acoustics are reputed to be among the best in Europe, since even at capacity the sound is completely clear. Musicians from across the globe appreciate the acoustics and also like to use the hall for their recording sessions. At its opening the orchestra pit was the largest of its kind in the whole world. The stage area is some 450 metres square and continues to be expanded.

The new building for Tyrolean Festival Erl was designed by Viennese architecture office Delugan Meissl Architects. The impressive facade, which has been kept black, is bold and  muted in equal measure next to the white Passionsspielhaus. The Festspielhaus respects the ambitious shape of the neighbouring Passionsspielhaus and sets contrast-filled,  horizontal impulses. Simultaneously, the striking shape of the Festspielhaus is reminiscent of the thorns from "Erl's crown of thorns", the villages shield emblem. The unique ensemble of the two buildings is a wonderful dialogue between nature and the seasons, so the visual prominence of the buildings changes according to the season.

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