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The quartet Nikel, consisting of Brian Archinal (percussion), Yaron Deutsch (electric guitar), Antoine Francoise (piano) and Patrick Stadler (saxophone), is dedicated to a fusion of traditional and new music for instrumental quartet. The four musicians, whose instruments are partly based in classical chamber music, partly in jazz or pop music, let electric and acoustic sounds enter into dialogue with each other, create unusual listening experiences and rethink musical genres.

Founded in 2006, Nikel is constantly expanding his repertoire through works composed especially for the quartet. It combines close collaboration with young, aspiring composers as well as internationally active ones; including Mark Barden, Raphaël Cendo, Chaya Czernowin, Ann Cleare, Mirela Ivicevic, Clara Iannotta, Clemens Gadenstaetter, Philippe Hurel, Thomas Kessler, Klaus Lang, Simon Loeffler, Marco Momi, Enno Poppe, Stefan Prins, Oliver Thurley and Jose Maria Sanchez Verdu and Michael Wertmüller.

Guest engagements have taken Nikel to renowned festivals such as Wien Modern, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Ultraschall Berlin, New York's Bang on a Can, the Darmstadt Summer Courses, the Mani Fest in Paris, the IMPULS Festival in Graz, the Ars Musica in Brussels, the Klangspuren Schwaz / Austria, the New Music Days in Zurich, the Tel Aviv Biennale, the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht, the Huddersfield New Music Festival, the Magister Ludi in Moscow, the Traettorie in Parma, the Culturescapses Basel and the Warsaw Autumn.

Nikel also gave concerts in Argentina, Canada, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and the USA, and initiated a concert series in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

In addition to changing concert programs, the quartet is touring with projects such as "Zohar Iver" - a concert by composer Chaya Czernowin for Nikel and Orchestra (2011); "RAVE NIGHT" - an audiovisual spectacle by Alexander Schubert for Nikel, Gesang, Licht und Elektronik (2015); the performative project "Nikel, Minus One" (2014) and two current productions: "Found Footage" - a new composition for Peter Tscherkassky's film trilogy "Cinemascope" and the open-air project "bright darkness" by Klaus Lang.

In 2017, "A DECADE" was released: a retrospective on ten years of new music, consisting of four CDs and a DVD documentary.

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