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Café de los Angelitos (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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Café de los Angelitos

Café de los Angelitos

A smart cafe that combines Argentine cuisine and local wines with tango performances in the evenings.

Talking about Rivadavia and Rincón is talking about a corner of tango, about the Café de los Angelitos, about the morning, midday, afternoon and night of the most traditional coffee house of Buenos Aires.

From Monday to Monday, this emblematic meeting place for outstanding national celebrities from culture, politics, sports and arts, is proud to open its doors to receive new visitors.

With a series of 350 especially selected photographs placed on its walls, a stage box where, at some moment during the day, a live large bandoneon can be heard, and a moderate and elegant decoration, it will recreate the atmosphere and the environment of the 20th century for the visitors.

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