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Cabaret Michou

Cabaret Michou

The famous “Cabaret Michou” welcomes you every day from 8 p.m. at 80 rue des Martyrs in Paris, in the typical Montmartre district. The cabaret opened its doors on July 13, 1956, 64 years ago, and success is still there every night.

Michou, the last dinosaur of the Parisian nightlife, as he likes to say himself, landed at Gare du Nord from Amiens, his hometown, in 1949 to conquer Paris, which he will never leave. He will be adopted by a village he loves above all: Montmartre.

The founder of this incredible Cabaret left us on Sunday, January 26, 2020, for a long trip as he liked to say with a smile and a sparkling eye...

The place is covered with mirrors and above all with a photo gallery of the founder of this setting with the biggest stars who, of course, went to the cabaret to see Michou and his high-quality show thanks to a great team of passionate, faithful artists, full of talent and desire that we call the Michettes.

Michou never wanted to push his walls to keep a confined, cozy, friendly and warm atmosphere. This may also be the secret of this incredible success that has lasted so long and of this unique atmosphere that pleases our guests so much. The public, very eclectic, gives to each evening, a new emotion so sympathetic.

Michou has been able, with this magical place, to create a universe where time stands still and where the joy of living reigns supreme.

Michou confided: “We were all merry fellows, Eugène, Lucien, and I, ready to do anything to impress the gallery while having fun. "Chez Michou" was still called Madame Untel, we danced there in the basement and we didn't just meet machos and snow geese. One fine evening, the envy is us
come to add a bit of madness to this address which was beginning to purr... Made up, disguised and endowed with wacky pseudonyms, La Grande Eugène, Phosphatine, Miss Glassex, Paulette Harpic, Lady Paic... We threw ourselves into the water on Shrove Tuesday. It was in 1968! Our customers liked it, they even asked for more... The basics of the magazine were written, they have been refined over the years, always between emotion and laughter. I imitated Brigitte Bardot by finishing my number almost naked... For the time, it was cheeky... ".
It was an article by Edgar Schneider, columnist for Jours de France and Paris Presse, which launched the business and the success necessary for the start of the show at this cabaret which did not yet have the makings of the current cabaret but which was only in its infancy. To the regulars of Montmarte nights, have been added revelers from all over Paris.
Putting aside their preconceived ideas about Pigalle, more and more of them ventured each evening to 80 rue des Martyrs.

Welcome and discover this unique and warm universe that will make you want to see life in blue...

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