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Adrien Besse started the clarinet 18 years ago in his small Limousin village. After several prizes at the CRR Limoges including clarinet in the class of Jean Espuna, he moved to Paris to improve with Olivier Derbesse at the Conservatoire du 19e arrondissement. He joined the Cefedem Ile-de-France to obtain in 2011 his State Diploma clarinet teacher and now teaches at the Conservatory Chevilly-Larue (94). He is currently pursuing his musical training at the Pôle Supérieur d'Enseignement Artistique 93 to prepare his License as a professional musician in the class of Valérie Guéroult. He was lucky to get there after working with, among others, Florent Héau, François Sauzeau, Jerome Voisin or Michel Arrignon and Jacques Di Donato.

Parallel to his studies, he develops many projects, various and varied, bringing him where his curiosity carries it. Without being able to cite all of them, first of all musical theater, with Les Sourds-Doués, an atypical humorous quartet (clarinet, trumpet, horn and bass clarinet), and with Compagnie EclaThéâtre where he plays on stage the clarinet, flute and glockenspiel in the adaptation of Mozart's The Magic Flute. But also more traditionally with the Regional Orchestra of the Opera of Limoges, with which he plays regularly for several seasons (Nutcracker, Tosca, La Bohème, The Paintings of an Exhibition, Jenufa, The Knight with the Rose, etc. .). In addition there are many concerts in orchestra of harmony or symphonic, in chamber music or soloist, in Paris and in the provinces.

After 5 years as a clarinet tester at Buffet Crampon, he has been responsible for quality and production at Selmer since September 2011, where he controls and develops the instruments. His sense of responsibility also led him to take the leadership of certain groups, and especially the street band Les Brass'Rient, which he manages all the administrative tasks and the organization of the summer tour, in addition to being the animator and clarinetist.

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