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Milan Mix Aperitivo and Street Food Tour

Milan, Italy
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The Do Eat Better Experience aperitivo and street-food tour is a walking tour around the Navigli and Porta Ticinese area. You will be guided by a "Foodie", a local guide able to explain every detail of the selected bars, their beverages and preparations, and the relevant history/curiosities. Furthermore, the foodie also gives samples of local history and culture and point at major touristic attractions while passing by. Do Eat Better Experience tours are a mix of high-quality drinking and gourmet gastronomy as a way to learn about Italian culture and lifestyle while walking with a local. The tour will take place with a small group in order to give to each you the highest attention possible.Within the aperitivo-street food tour in Milan, you are going to taste different versions of the aperitivo: - Cocktails: Italy in general, and Milan in particular, have elaborated several spirits, now renowned and loved all around the world. You will try excellent cocktails whose main components are the spirits famous throughout Milan’s and Italy’s history, directly from the hands of trained mixologists. Those cocktails will take you on a journey discovering how the Milanese culture in beverages has influenced nearly every region of Italy - Wine: Italy is wines’ homeland and there are several famous wine yards which have their premises and production sites all around Milan. Our tour presents a selection of the best labels among Italian wine cellars - Italian cheese: in the framework of a unique location, you will taste the best Italian cheese and get to know their organoleptic features, as well as their preparation techniques, which make them so exquisite - Cutting board with cold cuts and other high-quality snacks: each stop includes a wide selection of cured meats, gourmet snacks and tastings of local preparations - Fried cutlet: similar to the more famous and common, the Milanese cutlet version is served in one of the most beloved places by milanese people when it comes to street food - Gourmet sandwich: Milan's street food has evolved and, alongside typical street products, has flanked its gourmet versions. You will take a break to try a fantastic sandwich filled with high quality Italian ingredients
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Food tasting
  • Food tasting
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  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
    What To Expect
    • Try the best social dining experience in Milan
    • Enjoy the real Milanese Aperitivo with a local foodie
    • Eat like locals
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