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Family walking tour in Rotterdam with a guide

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Experience the most rewarding adventure with your family on this exclusive family friendly walking tour in Rotterdam. Your family-friendly local professional guide will make sure the kids have as much fun sightseeing as the adults.The tour has an easy pace and includes a stroll around the city center, highlighting the famous cultural and architectural sites. You and the whole family will have fun learning about Rotterdam's fascinating and interesting sites and facts such as Euromast tower gets its name because it is located in the center of the European market area and near the Europoort harbour.The stories shared by the guide are guaranteed to provide a few giggles as you wind down the off beaten paths of the city. Rotterdam is called as such because it has a river called the Rotte and many years ago the inhabitants, placed a dam in it. Book this tour to get to know more facts and have fun doing it!
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Private tour
  • Private tour
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    Food and drinks
  • Food and drinks
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Meeting point:
    - Please meet your guide by the main entrance of the Pilgrim Fathers Church.
    What To Expect
    • Stroll around the city center as you admire the architecture and its beautiful canals that wind through the city
    • Let the kids have as much as fun as the adults with your guide adapting the tour to the participants’ ages
    • Visit the charming places in Rotterdam guided by a family friendly local guide
    US$ 490
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