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1862 Shipyard Theater (Shanghai, China)

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1862 Shipyard Theater

1862 Shipyard Theater

Japanese starchitect Kengo Kuma was called in to transform this 150+ year-old shipyard in Pudong into an artsy commercial space. He elected to keep most of the original structures in the 31,000 square meter space, preserving and reusing rusty steel girders, weathered old signs and soot-black chimneys. Arguably the most ambitious cultural complex in all of Pudong, the site houses the Museum of Modern Art (New York)’s only official shop in China/Shanghai, a handful of small and medium galleries hosting contemporary art shows, and an 800-seat theater.

Rusty iron pipes, weathered concrete pillars and the looming varnished slogans are all distinctive styles of 1862 Theater. It is equipped with a lifting stage and 200 retractable seats out of its 800-seat capacity, which can meet the needs of various performances and activities. Electric soundproof glass doors are mounted to the side that faces the river. It offers visitors a beautiful view of the flowing Huangpu River, passing ships and the resplendent neon waves at night.

1862 Theater is an art center dedicated to pioneering dramas, resident performances, chamber music, modern dances, fashion shows, art exhibitions, among others aim at combining tradition and fashion, classics and universality, modernity and future. The theatre is committed to promoting Sino-foreign culture exchange and creating a multi-art platform which is locally-based and internationally-embracing.

Today, this 156-year-old ship sets sail again. The flowing Huangpu River carries this old yet still vibrant giant art vessel, adding a touch of unique and unrestrained character to this international metropolis which is at the forefront of global trend.

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