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Toninho Ferragutti is a musician, composer and arranger that has extensive involvement in shows and CDs of important artists in Brazil and abroad.

One of his CDs, Sanfonemas, was nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2001 for the best regional music CD category and his latest solo CD, Nem Sol Nem Lua, was said to be among the 10 best CDs of instrumental music in 2006 by many critics. In addition to his shows with his original work, he is also playing with the Maria Schneider Orchestra (USA), Celine Rudolf (Germany), Maria Bethânia, Mônica Salmaso, Zizi Possi, Gilberto Gil, 202 Trio, Edu Ribeiro, Jovino Santos Neto and others.

There weren’t few the musicians who have dedicated themselves to the accordion. Many of them have become virtuosos in the instrument in addition to creating a fundamental repertoire that enriched MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). Toninho is one of such example. Musician, composer and arranger, he early chose this instrument as an inspiring tool and as a way to build a successful career. His first chords were born in Socorro, in the countryside of the state of Sao Paulo, his hometown. He was encouraged at home by his father, Pedro Ferragutti, also a musician (saxophonist) and composer of waltzes, “choros”, “dobrados” and marches. The complement of his studies took place in “choro” concerts, ball groups, groups of “gaucho” music and in dance halls, as well as academic formation at the Gomes Cardin Conservatory, in Campinas, added to particular classes of accordion, with Dante D’Alonzo, and harmony, with Claudio Leal Ferreira.

Before becoming professional, Toninho attended three years of Veterinary Medicine at UNESP, in Botucatu, but he abandoned his graduation in the last year to move permanently to São Paulo in 1983. This period marks the beginning of his career as a professional musician. He has performed on television shows, participated on CD recordings, cinema and soap operas soundtracks recordings and was present in concerts and CD recordings of many of the artists of MPB and some foreign artists, such as Gilberto Gil, Edu Lobo, Antonio Nobrega, Elba Ramalho, Monica Salmaso, Geraldo Azevedo, Zé Ramalho, Chico Cesar, Sivuca, Dominguinhos, Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Paulo Moura, Marisa Monte, Elza Soares, Dory Caymi, Joyce, Nelson Ayres, Nico Assunção, Hermeto Paschoal, Lenine, Elza Soares, Grupo Corpo, Mario Adnet,  Maira Joao and Mario Lajinha (Portugal), Seigen Ono (Japan), Antonio Placer (France).

Toninho participated and has been participating in several symphony orchestras, like OSESP (São Paulo’s Symphony Orchestra), Petrobras Orchestra Pro-Music, Chamber Orchestra of Paraiba’s University, Recife Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Cruz, Ciro Pereira, Nelson Ayres, Wagner Tiso, Isaac Karabichevsky, João Maurício Galindo, Carlos Anísio and Osman Gioia. He is also interpreting all the work written by the composer and accordionist Sivuca for this formation.

He has also been participating in major jazz festivals in Europe and USA, with the Orchestra of the conductor and composer Maria Schneider (USA), Mônica Salmaso (Brazil), and Celine Rudolph (Germany). Toninho recorded the following CDs: – Oferenda – Eldorado, Japan 1996 – a duo with Roberto Sion – Sanfonema – Pau Brazil – 2000 – solo – nominated for the Latin Grammy 2000 – Forrobaby – MCD – 2005 – a CD for Children – Nem Sol, Nem Lua – Biscoito Fino – Accordion and Strings Quintet – nominated for the TIM Award for best instrumental music CD 2006 – Trio 202 – Azul Music – 2007 – with Nelson Ayres (piano) and Ulisses Rocha (acoustic guitar). Live at – Jazz Standard in New York, and Tom Jazz in São Paulo. The respect and admiration of friends and fellow professionals can be checked on the statements below:

“Toninho’s creative voice is simply divine – melodically, rhythmically and harmonically. I heard him in Brazil and immediately wanted him to play with my own group. Subsequently, my whole orchestra has fallen in love as he’s offered such a spirited and personal sound to the music. Tom’s a deeply gifted and creative soul.”
Maria Schneider  

“Toninho brings in his accordion the synthesis of all great Brazilian accordionists and at the same time, is a singular player with his own personality and his unique sound, which practically reinvented the instrument. He is also an excellent composer, at the height of the player. His latest album “Nem Sol Nem Lua,” released recently, is the proof of that and, in my opinion, is one of the best records in this prodigal year in excellent releases. In addition to his solo career, Toninho has illuminated the CDs of many artists with his accordion.”
Turíbio Santos

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