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Tobias Gubesch (* 1991) studied clarinet and instrumental pedagogy at the University of Music and Dance Cologne. He is currently continuing his artistic education at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf. He received important artistic impulses from Ralph Manno, James Campbell, Konrad Ossig, Giora Feidman, Christof Hilger and Henri Bok.

On the clarinet and the bass clarinet, he devotes himself to a variety of styles. He is a founding member of the Cologne ensemble "electronic ID", which specializes in the interpretation of inter-media music of the 21st century, and founding member of the klezmer group "Tovte". In addition, he has appeared in various productions of the "Literary Opera Cologne" and the "Opera City on the Rhine" and participated in several concerts of the Cologne composer collective "zeitKlang".

In addition to classical and romantic solo, chamber music and orchestral literature, he increasingly devotes himself to improvised music in the area of ​​tension between pop, jazz and new music. Since 2017 he plays in the music theater production "The bear was not there" of the Bonn children and
Youth theater "Marabu".

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