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St.Anne's Church Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

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St.Anne's Church Budapest

St.Anne's Church Budapest

The Saint Anne Parish of Upper Watertown (Hungarian: Felsővízivárosi Szent Anna-plébánia) is a Roman Catholic parish church located in the Várkerület district (Buda Castle district), Budapest. The Saint Anne Parish Church of Upper Watertown, often used by its short name, St. Anne's Church, is one of the most significant buildings of the Batthyány tér. The church regularly hosts classical music concerts.

Of the church's furnishings, the organ is noteworthy above all , which was built by the Carmelites II. The rows of pews , which were the work of Mayrhold Mihály from Vízíváros and Antal Feldmayer from Óbuda , were taken from the Budavar church (now operating as the Castle Theater) that was dissolved by József, and were placed in the choir of the church . The rear side chapel on the right (next to the sanctuary) was originally the Loretto chapel and later the Szent Sír chapel. Its magnificent wrought-iron grid wall praises the handiwork of Ignác Pugl from 1752. The front chapel on the left side (next to the entrance) was decorated as the Heroes' Chapel in 1933 , and then the neo-Gothic Virgin Mary altar was added.

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