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The Sphere Experience "Postcard from Earth"

Sphere at the Venetian Resort (MSG Sphere), Las Vegas, USA
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Important Info
Type: Show
City: Las Vegas, USA
Starts at: 21:30

Introducing The Sphere Experience featuring Darren Aronofsky’s Postcard from Earth – a brand new show at Sphere, Las Vegas.

The Sphere Experience begins the moment you walk through the doors where you’ll be greeted by Aura, our real-life humanoid robot: one of five identical robots you can interact with. Aura will show you how culture and technology and science and art have always been intertwined throughout human history. And some of the latest technology you get to experience personally - including a 360-degree avatar capture, a beam-forming sound display and a 50-foot-high holographic image.

All of this leading up to the main feature, a specially commissioned immersive film by acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Black Swan, The Whale). Postcard from Earth is a portrait of our planet, re-imagined as a sci-fi experience, and takes advantage of all Sphere’s experiential technologies: from the world’s largest highest-definition screen that wraps over and around you, to the haptic seats and in-auditorium climate-system that engages your every sense, to the 167,000-speaker array that immerses you in sound. 

Postcard From Earth will take you on a journey to all seven continents: deep into the ocean, high into the mountains, into the eye of a storm and out into space. And everywhere you go, you’ll feel like you’re really there.

You’ve never seen Aronofsky like this before. You’ve never seen anything like this before.

"I see Sphere as a great opportunity to pluck people from the bling and thrum of the Vegas strip in all its human constructed madness and immerse them as fully as possible in the wonder, awe, and beauty of the natural world. Postcard from Earth is a sci-fi journey deep into our future as our descendants reflect on our shared home." Darren Aronofsky

Venue Info

Sphere at the Venetian Resort (MSG Sphere) - Las Vegas
Location   255 Sands Avenue

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas: the largest spherical screen in the world. The Sphere at the Venetian Resort, previously referred to as MSG Sphere, is a spherical music and entertainment arena in Paradise, Nevada, United States, near the Las Vegas Strip and east of the Venetian resort.

Construction was underway in 2019, with the opening Initially scheduled for 2021. However, construction was suspended for several months in 2020, due to a disruption in the project's supply chain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sphere opened on September 29, 2023, with U2 performing a 25-show residency called U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere.

MSG Sphere is a futuristic entertainment venue, and it already functions as a projection site for dynamic animated content on the exterior - the Exosphere, transforming the Las Vegas skyline. Interestingly, Exosphere will showcase a wide range of artistic and branded content that will be seen not only by Sphere guests and more than 40 million visitors to Las Vegas each year: photos of the projections are planned to be published on social networks around the world.

The Sphere was developed by the architecture studio Populous together with the immersive content studio Sphere Studio and SACO Technologies. Once completed, the MSG Sphere will be the largest spherical building in the world, able to accommodate up to 20,000 people. It will host concerts and other events, and a spherical LED screen with an area of 54,000 square meters. meters - also the largest in the world - is already used to display visual content: in honor of the celebration of US Independence Day, it was decorated with images of fireworks, the moon and planets. The pre-launch was MSG Sphere's first event before the official opening in September.

The Independence Day special began with a graphic greeting of Hello World. Then impressive images of the underwater world, colorful fireworks, stars and the surface of the Moon appeared on the screen. The sphere consists of approximately 1.2 million elements, each containing 48 LEDs capable of displaying 256 million colors. The Sphere Studios team was responsible for the development of the holiday show.

Important Info
Type: Show
City: Las Vegas, USA
Starts at: 21:30
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