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Saint-Étienne Cathedral of Metz (Metz, France)

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Saint-Étienne Cathedral of Metz

Saint-Étienne Cathedral of Metz

The lacy golden spires of this Gothic cathedral crown Metz’ skyline. Exquisitely lit by kaleidoscopic curtains of 13th- to 20th-century stained glass, the cathedral is nicknamed ‘God’s lantern’ and its sense of height is spiritually uplifting.

Notice the flamboyant Chagall windows in startling jewel-coloured shades of ruby, gold, sapphire, topaz and amethyst in the ambulatory, which also harbours the treasury. A sculpture of the Graoully (‘grau-lee’), a dragon said to have terrified pre-Christian Metz, lurks in the 15th-century crypt.

The Gothic windows, on the north transept arm, contrast strikingly with the Renaissance windows on the south transept arm. The cathedral looks its most radiant on a bright day and when floodlit in the evening.

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