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Roland Renner, 1951 born in Munich, studied there from 1975 to 1978, acting at the Otto Falckenberg school. From 1979 on on acting cologne, he played the prince in Witold Gombrowicz's " Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy "(directed by Luc Bondy) and Roelle in Marieluise Fleißer's" purgatory in Ingolstadt " (directed by Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger). It was followed by stations at the Residenztheater, Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg ("Gründgens", directed by Johann Kresnik; Turrini's " death and devil "and Dostojewski's" the Idiot", directed by Wilfried Minks), Staatstheater Hannover ("Woyzeck "and" Antigone", directed by Johann Kresnik), Schauspielhaus Zürich, Staatstheater Stuttgart, an der Schaubühne Berlin, the Volksbühne Berlin, the Kammerspiele München and Hamburg as well as at the Nibelungenfestspiele Worms. He has worked with directors such as Jürgen Flimm, Luc Perceval, Christina Paulhofer, Jürgen Gosch, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Nils-Peter Rudolph. 2010 Roland Renner took over the title role in the world premiere of Christian Klimkes "Fürst Pückler Utopia" at the Cottbus state theatre, again directed by Johann Kresnik. Starting in 2013, in his productions "Villa Verdi" after the Film Il Bacio di Tosca (directed by Daniel Schmid, 1994) and in 2015 in "Die 120 Tage von Sodom" after Marquis de Sade and Pier Paolo Pasolini at the Volksbühne Berlin. Roland Renner made his debut at the Salzburg Festival in 1987 as der der Neid in Jürgen Flimm's production of Raimund's"der Bauer als Millionär". In 1999 he played Richard Deuxième in Luc Perceval's " slaughter!"according to Shakespeare's rose wars, and in 2001, Duncan in his "Macbeth" (Director: Calixto Bieito). He also appeared in 2003 in Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" (Director: Johann Kresnik), and in 2004, in Henry Purcell's Opera "King Arthur" (Director: Jürgen Flimm, conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt) on the festival stage. In 2015, he was last seen as Egeon in Henry Mason's production of Shakespeare's "the comedy of the wanderings" on Perner island. Roland Renner has participated in numerous television and film productions, including "The path to Power" (2011)," seizure of power", "counter-revolution" (both 2010), "The violence of peace" (2009) and "Mozart I would have done Munich honor", all directed by Bernd Fischerauer, and Dieter Wedels "greed" (2009).

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