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Max Urlacher (* 4. September 1971) is a German actor, author, and documentary filmmaker.

Max Urlacher, who grew up in West-Berlin, and completed a traineeship with info radio Berlin, then studied acting at the Otto Falckenberg school in Munich and later received his Masters in philosophy of Economics at City University London. He played at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Bochum and Hamburg and performed regularly in Film and television productions. He is a columnist of the Swiss magazine Annabelle and speaker of numerous radio plays and audio books. Together with Franka Potente, he published the book Los Angeles – Berlin in September 2005. year. Together, they shot the documentary film 'Tokyo Tokyo', in addition, Urlacher took the lead role in a Potent directorial debut, Who are the great cherry excavates. In 2010, his novel Schwenwind – a love story was published by Knaur Verlag München. In 2011, the Putzi Diaries, as well as the two-part children's play Willy and the sea girl, WDR. For his radio play fairy tale therapy (WDR), Max Urlacher was awarded the German children's Play Award 2013. In 2015 he played the leading role of Hagen in the play "Gemetzel" by Albert Ostermaier, directed by Thomas Schadt, director of Nico Hofmann, at the Nibelungenfestspiele Worms. In the summer of 2016, he made his debut at the Salzburg festival as Sebastian in Deborah Warner's storm-staging. In 2018, his novel The Queen of Lankwitz was published by Ullstein Verlag. In the summer of 2019, the theatre adaptation premiered his debut novel the tailwind as part of the Nibelung festival Worms with him himself in the lead role.

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