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Matti Anton Hyökki is a Finnish choral conductor, music dr. and choral conducting professor emeritus.

Hyökki has worked at the Sibelius Academy choral conducting lecturer and professor 1982-2014, and artistic director, choir director, choir master, inter alia, in the following chorus in: the student union of the Sing (YL) 1980 to 2010, the Academic Singing (AL) 1987 to 1990, Finnish national opera choir 1992-1995, Klemetti-Institute chamber choir 1992-2004, the Song-Men (LM) 1998-, Savonlinna opera festival choir 2008-

Hyökki has visited as the head of Denmark and the Netherlands radio choir, the Estonian National male choir (the RAM), Orphei Drängar (OD)-male choir at the University of minnesota and the Western Washington University (USA) in choirs. Workshop and master class of officer as well as director of the choir festivals of Independence has visited all the nordic countries, Estonia, Central Europe, Slovenia, Mexico, USA, Canada, China, and Japan. Choir - and orchestra works as the director of Independence has visited Kokkola orchestra, Helsinki city orchestra, Finnish national opera orchestra, Sibelius Academy symphony orchestra and the Tapiola sinfonietta in the.

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