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Marieke de Bruijn, (Maria Adriana) born in Apeldoorn in 1967, started playing the violin at the age of ten. She studied at the Sweelinck conservatory in Amsterdam and graduated cum laude there in 1995. Her teachers were Bouw Lemkes, Peter Brunt and Istvan Parkanyi. For two years she studied at the University of Wisconsin in the United States with Vartan Manoogian. She participated in many international master classes and festivals.

After graduating, she worked in Dutch orchestras and ensembles, including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Schönbergensemble. For seven years she played 1steviol in Amsterdam Sinfoniatta.

Since 2002 she has specialized in chamber music and music theater. She studied music styles such as Argentine Tango and Gypsy and Jazz music, and made her own performances. The ensembles with which they performed were: The Vondelkwartet, Tango Rosa Rio, Trio Vidalita. Own productions are: Piazzolla, a portrait, 100 Years of tango behind the dikes, The dance of the angel, From Amadeus to Zappa. She also made various youth productions: Fly with me, Four seasons fly by (i.s.m. Oorkaan), De Nacht Wacht, De Kleine Mozart.

Marieke de Bruijn now plays: "Schubert, the life of a musical genius".

Marieke de Bruijn is the founder and leader of The Dutch String Collective, an ensemble that gives concerts as well as can be found in the studio for recording film music and collaborates on CDs for various artists. She is also concertmaster of Het Promenadeorkest. The Dutch String Collective performs with Ellen ten Damme, Douwe Bob, Direct, Danny Vera, Jacqueline Govaert, Anne Soldier, Tim Knol, The Analogues and many other artists.

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