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Luke Mattioni was born in Chiaravalle (Ancona - Italy) on 08/18/1977.

In 1994 he began his study of afro-cuban percussion with Amedeo Griffoni, a musician of great experience and great connoisseur of cuban culture.
In the following years took part in several workshops with Gilson Silveira, Kal Dos Santos, Stefano Rossini, Gilson Dos Santos and Peppe Consolmagno regard to Brazilian music, with Roberto 'Mamey' Evangelists, Paulo La Rosa, Angel 'El Chino' Chang , Irian Lopez Rodriguez for Cuban music and Moustapha 'Nbengue (Drums of Goree') with regard to African percussion.

He began playing with groups ranging from the funky 70's disco music, from bossa nova to sambareggae, from salsa to cuban folklore, developing a great taste in music. In 2000 he joined the side of the body Amedeo Griffoni school teachers GB Pergolesi in Jesi (AN - Italy), where he currently deals with cuban and brazilian percussion classes, also teaches at the Music Academy of Ancona (Italy), in the school musical "ArteMusica" in Falconara (Ancona, Italy) and the school of Music in Chiaravalle (Ancona, Italy) "ArsMusica". For many years held the courses of ethnic percussion sponsored by various municipalities in the Marche region (Italy), in different educational institutions state of the province of Ancona and cultural centers of aggregation.

He specializes in brazilian percussion and musical styles particularly in Salvador de Bahia , where he went systematically and where he came in contact with musicians of great value as Bira Reis, working with the group "em transe Lands" Aldo Brizzi ( Valdinei Sacramento, Alexandro Silva Felipe Santos and Francisco Pereira Chagas, percussionists who have collaborated with groups such as Olodum, Araketu, Timbalada and artists like Carlinhos Brown, Daniela Mercury, Steve Coleman, etc. ....) . Also in 2000 he founded together with Amedeo Griffoni the bloco afropop - sambareggae MAO BRANCA with which participates in the summer of 2002 to Percfest "Memorial Naco" Laigueglia (Savona, Italy) in the artists and found considerable success and playing alongside the best drummers and percussionists italian . April 2000, it sounds like the demonstrator TOCA DIMAS MUSIC ( Music Fair in Rimini, Italy ) alongside Ernesttico Rodriguez ( percussionist Pino Daniele, Jovanotti etc ...) and Juan Carlos Caldelin ( percussionist Tribà).

In September 2000 he enrolled at the School of ethnic percussion 'Timba' Rome (Italy) to study with Roberto 'Mamey' Evangelists knowledge of music and Cuban folklore; arguments that Cuba continues to face in studying at 'Havana with Maximino Duquesne and Hernesto "El Gato" Gatell, also coming in contact with Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernandez and Irian Rodriguez of the Los Chinitos. In Santiago de Cuba played as a guest with the CONGA DE LOS HOYOS during a celebration of the anniversary of the director of the Cultural Foco. In November of 2002 meets and plays at a lab in the school rumba 'GB Pergolesi' Jesi (Ancona, Italy), with the Cuban Miguel 'Anga' Diaz recently deceased), great tumbador who has collaborated with the most famous Cuban musicians as Chucho Valdes, Irakere, Cachaito etc...

In 2003 he began his collaboration with Edoardo Vianello, becoming part of his band that will perform several summer toured throughout Italy (2003-2004-2005-2006) with more than 250 dates, participating also in the TV show "Life live" on BBC1 in September 2003, the Roman Festival of Song on RAI 2 on Sky tv and play on RAI INTERNATIONAL assembly where the band goes on the same night as well as other italian artists TONY LITTLE, JIMMY FONTANA, MARCO ARMANI, NICOLA DI BARI etc... He is currently working with various ensembles in the context of Latin American music (Axe, salsa, mpb etc ...) and not only.

He is the leader along with Amedeo Griffoni projects MAO BRANCA marching band.
In the field of cuban sounds play with the latin band ACHEVERE DE CUBA with which she has recorded several CDs of unreleased tracks and various recording projects (with record labels such as "Galletti Boston", the "Ethnic Issues", the "Borgatti Editions", the "Editions Montefeltro" etc. ...) also plays with the group of cuban folklore RUMBERITO. In 2007 he joined the "AAVENDESI band" this training for 20 years in the Italian and international music scene, with whom he plays in important locations on the occasion of exclusive parties and conventions, among them the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome (Italy), the "Petrossien" Monte Carlo, S. Siro Racecourse, Milan, the "Shed" in Viareggio, Casino "Champion" in Switzerland, Athens and many other.

 In 2009, accompanied in several concerts in the Italian territory, the American singer JHELISA ANDERSON who has collaborated with the likes of Bryan Ferry, Massive Attack, Chaka Khan, Bjork, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, Sting etc... Since 2011 is part of the band LORETTA GRACE, starring musical Sister Act (Milan - Italy, 2011/2012) in which he gives concerts in prestigious locations including "Blue Note" Milan (Italy), "Gruvillage" Torino (Italy) etc...

In July 2013 participates with the singer Ancona VERONIKA KEY (best voice Marches 2011) and his big soul band at the Porretta Soul Festival, considered in the genre, the most important in Europe. In April of 2014 goes in the only Italian date of the American soul singer Heston Francis.

Luke has collaborated live and in the studio with the likes of Walter Martino, Paolo Di Sabatino, Paolo Ghetti, Marco Pacassoni, Simone La Maida, Fabio Nobile, Marcello Sutera, Massimo Morganti, Marco Postacchini, Massimiliano Rocchetta, Ricky Puppets, Lorenzo Pagani, Stefano Serafini, Jilson Silveira, Kal Dos Santos, Peppe Consolmagno, Moustapha 'Mbengue, Alberto Camerini, Mirco Menna, Hellas Bandini, Cristian Meyer, Barbara Casini, Max Furian, Rosario Bonaccorso, Luis Agudo, Bebo Ferra, Alessandra Belloni, Giorgio Palombino, Dado Sezzi, Marco Fadda, Maurizio Boco and many others...

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