Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall 7 June 2024 - Augustin Dumay and Jian Wang |

Augustin Dumay and Jian Wang

Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall, Shanghai, China
Friday 7 June 2024
8 PM
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Important Info
Type: Classical Concert
City: Shanghai, China
Starts at: 20:00

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Ludwig van Beethoven: Romance for Violin and Orchestra No. 2 in F major, Op.50
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola in E flat major, K364 (K320d)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 4 in B flat major, Op.60
Venue Info

Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall - Shanghai
Location   1380 Middle Fuxing Road (near Fenyang Road)

The Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall is a sleek, modern-looking 1,200-seat concert hall located in Xuhui district, and the seat of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. It also hosts smaller classic groups like chamber orchestras, quartets and individual instrumentalists and singers. The schedule has near-weekly shows at a reasonable price, drawing from a vibrant community of musicians who perform there regularly.

The concert hall with 1200seats adopts a vineyard-style structure; its architecture design is completely subordinated to the acoustics demand, striving to be perfect in acoustics. The architect’s acoustic theory is to consider the hall itself as a fantastic music instrument. He used a 1:10 model to conduct computer simulation test and precise calculating. The entire arrangement of auditorium is stereoscopic and amiable, separated by individual walls with irregular surface which efficiently improve sound reflection inside the hall. The stage floor is made of 50mm Hokkaido cypress from Japan, allowing players on it to enjoy magnificent echoing sound. Six large reflection boards and ceiling reflectors on the wall of the hall will provide best acoustics for every performance. The ceiling and walls inside have hard and heavy materials and their surfaces are irregular and tough, creating a rich and warm timbre. Moreover, the echoing broads could present image with high-performance projectors.

Important Info
Type: Classical Concert
City: Shanghai, China
Starts at: 20:00
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