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Greek Theatre of Syracuse (Syracuse, Italy)

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Greek Theatre of Syracuse

Greek Theatre of Syracuse

The Greek theatre of Syracuse lies on the south slopes of the Temenite hill, overlooking the modern city of Syracuse in southeastern Sicily, Italy. It was first built in the 5th century BC, rebuilt in the 3rd century BC and renovated again in the Roman period. Today, it is a part of the Unesco World Heritage Site of "Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica".

Since 1914 with the birth of INDA, the scenic space of the Greek theater has been used mainly for the so-called " classical representations " of Greek tragedies and comedies, following the dictates of tradition. The performances, previously held every two years, are one of the reasons of pride of the Greek culture of the city.

Except for normal use within the archaeological area visit circuit, the theater cavea is occasionally used for concerts or official award ceremonies, however the theater has always been limited in its use due to its conservation and the delicacy of the stone.

In 2014 , the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage authorized the use of the theater for summer performances of music, opera and dance. On 11 June 2018 the theater was the setting for one of the last public appearances by Andrea Camilleri.

Sometimes the theater has hosted extra events, including the concerts of Lucio Dalla and Gianni Morandi, the comic show of Fiorello, concerts of Claudio Baglioni, Elisa and Gianna Nannini.

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