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Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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Important Info
Type: Show
City: Berlin, Germany
Starts at: 15:30
Intervals: 1
Duration: 2h 30min

A Grand Show to fall in love with.

FALLING | IN LOVE promises ravishing beauty. Etched on your memory forever.
An explosion of colour – curated by Parisian star designer Jean Paul GAULTIER. Berlin’s most radiant show jewel, with the magic of Swarovski.


Who are You? YOU is young, passionate and full of yearning. Yet he does not fulfil any predefined notions and finds no love in the emotionless faces that surround him. When he is once again rejected, YOU wants nothing more than for the ground to swallow him up.

Then the grey asphalt of civilisation crumbles beneath his feet. And YOU plunges into another reality.

There, in the hidden garden of love, he sees what he has never seen before. A surging sea of colour and beauty in all facets of our nature. He experiences the eternal human dream of a better world. Trapped within time-honoured norms.

Will a young deaf poet ultimately find the words to break free of these human-made boundaries and allow love to blossom?

FALLING | IN LOVE is a blossoming fantasy. As dreamlike as it could be true.

The New York Times considers the show a “must-see” during every visit to Berlin. More than 100 artists on the world’s biggest theatre – an unforgettable experience.

Also suitable for guests who do not speak German


Curated by Jean Paul GAULTIER

Parisian star designer Jean Paul GAULTIER will contribute his brilliant signature style to the new Grand Show. Back in 2016, he designed the costumes for the highly-acclaimed THE ONE Grand Show. This time, his creative work goes far deeper and is more comprehensive: As Visual Design Director, he’ll lend his distinctive visionary style and touch. As curator, he’s also engaged up-and-coming fashion designers whose work he admires.

Jean Paul GAULTIER says:

“I’m absolutely delighted to once again be working with the Palast and curating FALLING | IN LOVE. I can allow my creativity even greater freedom this time in the collaboration with the Palast team and work with new talents like Fecal Matter and Sasha Frolova. I can’t wait for audiences to be able to enjoy this new adventure.”

Venue Info

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin - Berlin
Location   Friedrichstraße 107

The Friedrichstadt-Palast, also shortened to Palast Berlin, is a revue in the Berlin district of Mitte (district center). The term Friedrichstadt-Palast designates both the building itself, and the revue theater as a body with his ensemble. The present building is distinct from its predecessor, the Old Friedrichstadt-Palast (former Grosses Schauspielhaus located near Schiffbauerdamm), and therefore now also called the New Friedrichstadt-Palast.

The history of the Friedrichstadt-Palast goes back to an earlier market hall, which is about 200 meters southwest of present-day location between the Bertolt-Brecht-Platz and the road was at the circus, the official address was in 1867 at the 1st Circus.

Today, the Friedrichstadt-Palast is the largest and most modern show palace in Europe. On April 27, 1984, the new Friedrichstadt-Palast opened. It measures 80 meters (260 ft) wide, 110 meters (360 ft) long and covers a floor area of 195,000 cubic meters. Its concrete architecture retains the basic ideas of the old interior vestibule but has a new contemporary façade. The three reliefs on the south side and one on the north side of the building are works by sculptor Emilia N. Bayer. They relate back to the history of the Palace as a circus, theater, and vaudeville theater.

The Friedrichstadt-Palast's large hall is regularly used as a performing space and has a seating capacity of 1,895. Its stage floor of 2,854 square meters (30,720 sq ft) is the largest in the world. The 24-meter (79 ft) wide proscenium arch is the widest in Europe.

Friedrichstadt-Palast has diverse programming, ranging from children's shows, guest performances, and festival galas. The venue specializes in complex shows that use advanced lighting and stage technology, over a hundred performers, and stylized acrobatic numbers. “Now we are modern – trying to compete with Las Vegas, but not in a western or American way,” said Berndt Schmidt. In residence, the Friedrichstadt-Palast has a Ballet Company, a show-band, and a Youth Ensemble. The shows are suitable for an international audience.

The Ballet Company, directed by Alexandra Georgieva, includes 60 dancers from 26 countries worldwide. The ensemble blends different styles of dance, including jazz, modern, hip-hop, and street dance.

The showband of the Friedrichstadt-Palast, directed by Daniel Behrens, includes 16 musicians.

The Children and Youth Ensemble, “Children play for children,” has 250 Berlin children ranging from ages 6–16. The beginnings of the ensemble date back to 1947 when 250 Berlin children trained there. Currently, it receives 1,000 applicants, and 20-30 children can be accepted. Former members of the ensemble have been Paula Beer (won Best Young Actress Award from the Bavarian Film Award), Alina Levshin (won Best Actress for “Warrior” from the German Cinema Film Award), and Julia Richter (winner of the Hersfeld-Preis in 1996).

Since 2009, the venue has been used for the Berlin International Film Festival.

The Quatsch Comedy Club is located in the basement of Friedrichstadt-Palast. The club's founder Thomas Hermanns launched the popularity of stand-up comedy in Berlin in the early nineties. From Thursday to Sunday, German stand-up comedians perform at the “Club Mix.” Guests have been Bernhard Hoëcker, Olaf Schubert, Dave Davis and Cloozy Haber.

Important Info
Type: Show
City: Berlin, Germany
Starts at: 15:30
Intervals: 1
Duration: 2h 30min
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