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I feel close to the definition given to me of "music chef", on one hand the robustness of the drive wisely accompanied by the "tastes" of the very personal timbre research.

So it is that the good performance and familiarity with frame drum techniques are enhanced by my personal path to an original sound research.
This peculiarity often leads me to work with multipercussive sets and to explore different musical genres: World music, Contemporary, Ethno jazz, Early Music.
I share the stage with important foreign and Italian artists: Ross Daly (GR), Kelly Thoma (GR), Francoise Atlan (FR), Fadia Tomb El - Hage (Lebanon), Mike Rossi (South Africa), Davy Spillane (IRL), Starr Busby (USA), Claus Boesser-Ferrari (GER), Heiko Plank (GER), Sandor Szabo (UNG), Elizabeth Swados (USA), Cary Gant (USA), Heaater Paawue (USA), Moni Ovadia, Davide Riondino, Davide Vergassola, Riccardo Tesi, Patrizia Bovi, Luca Ciarla, Eugenio Bennato, Marco Colonna, Carlo Maver, Ciuma, Carmine Ioanna, Maurizio Dehò, Mario Arcari, Micrologus, Nidi D'Arac, Gionni Di Clemente, Giovanni Seneca, Andrea Costa, Gionata It costs.

I take part in important national and international festivals and exhibitions: Montreal Jazz Festival, CANADA; "Java Jazz Festival" of Jakarta, "Banghok jazz festival" in Thailand; "Jazz in Bayreuth" in Germany; "National Arts Festival" of Grahamstown, (South Africa); "Vlksblad Arts Festival" (South Africa); Queen's Birthday jazz & Blues Festival Wallington, NEW ZEALAND; Manawatu International Jazz & Blues Festival, Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND; Upper Yarra Arts Center, AUSTRALIA; Melbourne Jazz Festival, AUSTRALIA; Ottawa Jazz Festival, CANADA; Rochester Jazz Festival, USA; Twin Cities jazz Festival, USA; Orford Arts Center, CANADA;

Trieste Loves Jazz, Trieste; International Ethno Jazz Festival, Karlovac, CROATIA; The Nights of Bascarsija Festival, Sarajevo, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA; National Center of Performing Arts, Bombey, INDIA; Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, HONG KONG; Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Gapyeong, SOUTH KOREA; OCT-loft Jazz Festival, Shenzhen, CHINA; Changsha International Jazz Festival, Changsha, CHINA; Beishan International Jazz Festival, Zhuhai, CHINA; "Tamburi mundi" of Friborg; St. Katharina Open Air Festival (Ger); Cracow Jazz Festival; Shanghai World Music Festival (CHINA); Bangkok Italian Festival; SUAIRI World Festival (KOREA); AMUZ Fest. (ANTWERP); Bergamo Festival in jazz; Altamura Claustri Festival; Sile Jazz Festival (ITA); Gubbio Summer Festival (ITA); Ossola Valley Guitar Festival (Ita); Barri Vel Festival (Ita); Pioracustic (Ita); "Musicultura"; "Offshore"; "Klezmer festival" of the city of Ancona; "Acoustic Night"; "Folkermesse" of Casale Monferrato; "Acoustic Landscapes"; "Montelago Celtic Night"; "Adriatic Mediterranean".

Among the founders of the Festival FRAME DRUMS ITALIA, (, a world-wide recognized festival for the promotion and dissemination of the study of frame drums of various traditions.

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