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FRAME DRUMS ITALIA is an association founded in 2009 by the desire of percussionists Paolo Rossetti Murritto and Andrea Piccioni to create an educational musical event with the aim of promoting the culture and art of frame drums through weekly seminars, lectures and concerts, master classes with recognized and recognized teachers around the world. . The journey begins in 2009, when master Murat Koshkun, artistic director of Tamburi Mundi, today the most important European festival Frame Drums, decides to involve Paolo and Andrea in organizing events separated from the main office in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). So the idea of ​​creating a festival was born in Italy: Tamburi, Italy.

Paolo E. Andrea, in collaboration with Francesco Savoretti, carried out a memorable event with guests from home and abroad. It was the embryo from which the final team was subsequently born, created as an independent association in 2009. The team was completed in 2013 with the advent of maestro Peppe Fran, an expert on non-European chordophony. For eight years, the Frame Drums Italia Association has independently held events, discussions and lectures, concert events, and winter publications. The heart of this activity is the annual appointment in Montelparo, where in June 2009 an intensive five-day FDI seminar takes place. Masters such as Glen Veles (USA), Zohar Fresco (Isr), N. Scott Robinson (USA) Ishai Aterman (Isr) collaborated with us in FDI.
The location of foreign direct investment is the exciting city of Montelparo, a medieval village in the interior of Marche, which lends itself very well to its features. Classes are held in the youth hostel La Foresteria del Viandante, in the rooms of a medieval monastery. Starting this year, events will also be held in the magnificent La Ginestra residence, immersed in nature in a village of independent houses and hostels, lessons and training events will be located in the residence area.
The intention is to give life to a space in which both professional musicians and beginners, from different countries and cultures, can interact and oppose each other. We also want to offer a relaxing and restoring vacation in full respect for nature. with a menu based on products from the countryside and green spaces, where you can also be silent.
Now, in our ninth edition, we are proud of the national and international resonance that this work has given us, from the quantitative and qualitative growth of proposals in the field of education, but, above all, from the confidence that every year we see ourselves as updated students and teachers .

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