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The Ex Novo Ensemble was founded in Venice in 1979 by the composer Claudio Ambrosini and seven young musicians, who have remained with the Ensemble over since. The Ex Novo Ensemble now represents a point of reference on the international panorama of new music.The continuity obtained by working together, its artistic and professional coherence, have bequeathed a certain character, a "sound", which both public and critics of the major European festivals recognize to the Ensemble.

Their commitment to exploring the language of contemporary music later became the basis for re interpreting classical repertory, particulary those scores composed for rare instrumental sets that, although very beautiful, remain little known.

Many world premieres and works dedicated to the Ex Novo Ensemble have also been presented in recordings of the major European broadcasting corporations.

The Ensemble's contribution to the chamber music of the early Italian nineteen hundreds, as seen by its long collaboration with large recording companies, is significant.

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