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At the age of six, under the influence of The Beatles, Daniel started drumming on paint cans, antique lamps and other things that were not intended for this. Not long afterwards the first drum lessons followed with Joost Lijbaart. From the age of sixteen he played drums in various bands and combos such as the Antiphon Trio (with Morris Kliphuis) and various jazz and pop formations. The first CD project of Godfried followed shortly after high school! which in 2007 resulted in the CD "The Pond Woman and Other Songs".

After high school, Daniel started the preparatory course for the Percussion Jazz study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In 2010 he graduated there. He was taught by Martijn Vink, Joost Lijbaart, Marcel Serierse, Gerhard Jeltes, and Victor Oskam.

During his studies, Daniel performed more than 120 times in the Netherlands and England with the Findel group. They were also heard at festivals and 3FM, and in 2007 became second at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. In 2011 he played drums, percussion and chimes in Joop van den Ende's musical Spring Awakening in the M-Lab Amsterdam. He also regularly replaced Joost Kroon with the band Sven Hammond Soul (including in DWDD). He also provided the percussion in the performance Vlieguur by cabaret artist Louise Korthals (also a CD released in 2014) where he played several times in the Kleine Komedie. Daniel is also a regular percussionist with Beatrice van der Poel (he played at the Parade and Uitmarkt, among others). In the meantime, three CDs have been released on which Daniel plays drums.

Around 2013 Daniel joined the Fuse group. In 2015, Fuse became house band on the Podium Witteman TV program for which he played for promotion at DWDD and they also recorded the leader for the "Opium" program. They also play at many festivals and have played several times in the Concertgebouw. Projects with other international artists and children's shows ... everything passes by at Fuse.

Daniel also likes to compose / write himself. His outlet for this is the band "Zosja". In 2015 the CD entitled "Around the sun" was released.

Between 2013-2015 Daniel also did a Masters in Jazz Drums at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He studied there with Joost Patocka, Stefan Kruger, Eric Ineke and Hans Zonderop and passed a 9 for his final exams.

In addition to his performances, Daniel also gives drum lessons, in various styles, to children and adults. Want to know more about learning opportunities? Then mail.

For more information about the artists with whom Daniel is (was) a permanent member or session musician, see the projects page.

To watch Daniel play live, take a look at the performances.

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