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He was born in Munich, Germany, in 1991. He received his first viola lessons with Juliet Craciunescu. He then studied with Martin Albrecht Rohde at the University of music and Performing Arts in Munich. Since 2011, he studied with Professor Hariolf Schlichtig. She has also participated in master classes of teachers such as Barbara Westphal, Jürgen Weber, Ann Cutting, Lars Anders Tomter and Kay Westermann.

From 2014-2015, he studied together with the Goldmund Quartet with Professor Günter Pichler at the International Institute of Chamber Music in Madrid, a centre whose academic direction is entrusted to the Queen Sofia College of music. 

He has won several awards at the “young musicians” contest in Germany, at the regional, state and federal levels within the Solo, Piano, string duo and Piano Trio categories. 

He has been a member of major orchestras such as the Mahler International or The New Munich Philharmonic. As a chamber musician, he has performed with great international musicians such as Ingolf Turban, Christoph Poppen, Rebekka Hartmann, Arabella Steinbacher and Boris Kucharsky. As a soloist, he has performed with orchestras such as the Pestalozzi–Gymnasium Symphony in Munich and the bad Reichenhall Philharmonic.

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