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Bel Canto

Bel Canto

The Bel Canto is a unique place for an evening out in Paris, as you will be able to enjoy a fine dining experience with gourmet a la carte cuisine that is accompanied by incredible opera singers who are also your waiters and waitresses.

It all started back in the 1990s when the founders came up with the idea of creating the thrill of live opera, but in a relaxed atmosphere, that could also be accompanied by a fine dining experience.

For the idea to succeed it had to meet all the expectations of an opera fan along with those that are avid food critics, so the two could work in harmony together in order to bring pleasure to all the senses including hearing and taste.

The founders of the Bel Canto and Opera Venue decided to employ student singers who would eventually become the incredible opera singers of tomorrow, alongside professional wait staff within a venue that had an operatic backdrop, with costumes that were designed by the Paris Opera House workshops.

And after choosing the location, kitting out the restaurant, and many, many auditions to recruit the right singers, the first Bel Canto restaurant opened in 2000 on the Right Bank of the River Seine.  Then a few years later another was opened just outside Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine and due to their resounding success, a third restaurant and opera venue was opened up in 2008 in London in the UK.

With a refined, elegant atmosphere and a baby grand piano located in the dining area, there are a total of twenty pianists and a troupe of 100 opera singers that will bring a unique atmosphere to your evening, and the opera singers will perform in between the courses with operatic classics that you will recognize and enjoy.

And instead of using a stage, these performances and shows are conducted where you eat in between the tables, which makes the whole experience even more intimate and memorable.

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